CerArte, icon in design and quality finishes for construction in the Dominican Republic.

In 1988 we opened our first store on Avenue 27 de Febrero, offering a wide variety of ceramics from major international brands for floor and wall coverings. In 2005, faced with the market launch of new products with industrialized finishes, we diversified our offer by adding to our catalogue modular bathroom and kitchen equipment and accessories. In the same year we inaugurated the new store on Avenue 27 de Febrero, launching our innovative product showroom, and became pioneers in working specifications. Years later, with the evolution of porcelain tile, which thanks to HD technology can simulate perfectly finishes like wood and stone, we are once again expanding our product range.

Nowadays, not only a product is purchased, but also a personalization of spaces, which is why in our showrooms we create atmospheres in addition to exhibiting just the pieces. Customers can see and feel the space and adapt the products to their own needs and personalities.

Over the years, in addition to offering increasingly better materials and products, we have become known for working with seriousness, constancy and exceptional service through our capable professionals who, beyond sales, seek customer satisfaction.

CerArte's success is due in large part to the support and backing we receive from the new generations of Dominican architects and engineers, who know the latest world design trends, demand topical products and quality service.

In our effort to bring the latest trends to the Dominican market, we represent products from Italy, Spain, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, South America and China; we offer an extensive portfolio of products composed of the most recognized brands of ceramics and porcelain, as well as a wide variety of natural stones, bathroom appliances, taps and modular kitchens.


To provide the best solutions in construction finishes, whilst offering excellent customer service from a team passionate about service and continuous improvement.


Innovation. At CerArte, innovation is not a destination but a path.

Our proposal is to always guarantee a wide variety of current products to help customers to customize their spaces.

Systematization. Organization is the key to our development.

At CerArte we have created and standardized all internal and external processes in order to provide an agile and continuous service and guarantee the quality and continuity of the process at all times.

Seriousness. CerArte strives to maintain a lasting relationship with its customers, consumers and suppliers. We are known for our ethical behavior, and for acting with care and responsibility.

Compliance. The satisfaction of our customers and suppliers is part of our goal.

Respect for the agreements, the established times and the guarantee of the products is an integral part of our policy.

Commitment. We feel socially committed to contributing to a better society. To achieve this, we created a department of social investment aimed at training in education and vocational training for children, youth and adults. We developed three programs: internships in the tents for college students, summer camps with art classes for low-income children, and technical training for the construction working-class.


The strategic approach of the CerArte Group makes avant-garde construction materials and methods available through three specialized divisions: CERARTE, CERARTE PROJECT AND CERARTEC.

CERARTE. Design and quality of finished products for construction in the Dominican Republic. In its three shops in Santo Domingo, Santiago and Punta Cana offers an extensive portfolio of products containing the most renowned brands of ceramics and porcelain, as well as a wide variety of natural stones, bathroom appliances, taps and modular kitchens.

CERARTEC. Design, manufacture and assembly of ingenious and creative facades for architecture, glass partitions and solutions, and new materials for architectural design. It has a portfolio of products that comply with the strictest quality controls as well as the latest European and American building regulations. Cerartec has become the customized engineering support for professionals in the area.

CERARTE PROJECT. Solutions for projects and contractors whose main requirement is to find the best prices and the widest range of materials, without neglecting the design level for wall and floor tiles, porcelain tiles, bathroom appliances and modular kitchens. It has a catalogue of products different from Cerarte's, with a special line produced by the represented brands created to sell volumes of very good value for money.